Personal Clientele


Jessica had a major back injury that affected every activity. Her pain and discomfort in meditation bothered her the most. She saw Jackie in a whirlwind ten days and has never looked back. Let Jessica tell it for herself.

Jessica Srikantia Ph.D. – Professor


After numerous injuries skiing, running, horse riding, and a serious chemical accident Kristy had almost given up on getting out of pain. She felt sure she would soon be in a wheelchair unable to even walk with her horse. Today she can run with her horse, swims, hikes, garden – in short, she can do whatever activity she likes. She feels the biggest change in her life has been how she feels inside. She is calm, centered, more balanced in all interactions and she says she really feels love for others. Her anger and angst are magically gone!

Kristy Bennett – Property Manager


“Paul” gained a lot of weight as a result of injuries that left him in constant and chronic pain. He was depressed and despairing when he began sessions with Jackie. After about a year he was relieved of much of his pain and was able to hike, bike, swim and do martial arts.  “Paul” continued to improve and today he can pursue any activity he likes, he lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off five years later.

Paul  – Web developer

jenny-grey testimonialJenny

Jenny suffered from back pain that prevented her from opening a catering business. A few sessions took care of the pain such that she was able to pursue her dream of opening a catering business.  She has no back pain when cooking and her business is flourishing.

Jenny Gray – Caterer

Jonathan-Robinson testimonialJonathan

Jonathan struggled with pain during seminars, workshops, and presentations. As he got out of pain he was able to expand into new areas of interest. Today he is pain free as he continues to travel the world bringing his unique vision of ‘happiness’ to others.

Jonathan Robinson – bestselling author of ‘Communication Miracles for Couples‘.



Anne was becoming less able to do the activities she loved because of pain. The pain was due to how she did them. Once she learned how to move with her body organization she became pain-free and able to do any activity she wishes to pursue. She has transformed her life in so many ways through learning to move as he body is organized.

Anne Fredrickson – Musician, singer, and runner

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