Personal & Spiritual Growth

The Key to an Embodied Life

Move better, Think better, Live better

You may be on a path to pursuing deeper connection, more sustainable living, and healthier interconnectedness through yoga, meditation, and the like. Perhaps that is going well for you but what if there is a way to get deeper and live there? What if you could be in the meditative zone all the time and whenever you want?

The meditative zone is the same as the performance zone – a state of being when you function optimally, your body and mind are inseparable, any activity you do is effortless and timeless, and you move without conscious oversight. I know many of us struggle with our practices because we certainly don’t live in an enlightened world. You are probably here because the tools are not quite getting you there.

As science has evolved its understanding of how the brain learns, we must change our approach to be congruent with the science. The opportunity for change is in your body, and you access change by focusing on the quality of how you move.

Your body is what lives and exists in the present moment. The quality of how you move cultivates a refined awareness, presence, and intelligence in all that you do and think. In order to change habits and patterns you must become aware of them and in order to change them you must understand how and what needs to change.