Peak Performance

How can you improve performance beyond technique and strength?

Have you ever experienced being in a state of effortless effort? Elite performers and athletes call this state the zone, and to get in it they often say, “I got out of my way, I stopped thinking.”

The zone is defined as the state of being when you function optimally, your body and mind are inseparable, any activity you do is effortless and timeless, and you move without conscious oversight. In the zone you can make split second decisions or instantly react to any situation, activity or circumstance. Your mind is porous, ready to allow new ideas to enter or determine solutions. Your awareness encompasses everything around you such that nothing is a surprise or shock to your system.

Most of us experience the zone through some magic within ourselves that is rarely of our choosing, it just happens. What if you can be in the zone whenever you choose – on demand? Changing how you focus on movement is the key to overcoming limits and getting in the zone. Your body is not something you focus on only when you want it to do something extraordinary, it is you in all moments of your day.

Integrate five foundational elements into all movements and you can realize your full potential in any endeavor.