Resolve Pain

I had back pain for 50 years. It got so bad I could not stand up for more than a few minutes. After seeing Jackie for a short time I can stand for hours, get down on the floor and play with my great grandchildren, and work in my garden. I have a new lease on life!
Alice  92 years young

Most chronic pain is caused by neuromuscular misuse. Standard care includes drugs, strengthening, massage, chiropractic, and so on, all of which can relieve pain for awhile, but does not resolve it for good. I know from personal experience! To resolve my pain I luckily discovered an approach that works with how the brain evolved to function. As a result of becoming pain-free in my own body and over many years working extensively with others to resolve their pain, I know my approach can help you.

We have habituated ourselves to respond to pain by ignoring it, so we continue to do the same activity the same way, exacerbating the pain. This is when we descend into the realm of chronic pain because often our reaction to pain is to stiffen and move less or take drugs that temporarily mask it, but continue the same movement pattern(s) that cause the pain! The effective response is to change how we are doing the activity that is causing pain. Habits are not so easy to change but with increased awareness, better response to brain messages, and understanding of the causes it can be much easier.

By learning how to move again in harmony with your structural design, pain is reduced and eventually eliminated altogether. Even if you have had surgeries or major injuries you can learn to move comfortably within the constraints imposed by the injury/surgery. Moving in balance with your structure means that your muscles are not in conflict and you move with the grace and ease you felt as a child!