Neurological Disorders

I had a severe stroke 25 years ago. I saw Jackie for a few years and cannot believe how much has changed compared to where I was.
Bill Maskill, Retired Pharmacist

This unique approach uses the amazing capacity of your brain to re-learn lost functionality. By integrating five foundational functions into all movements you have the potential to regain much lost function or even have full functional recovery. You may even learn to move better in your recovery process than you did before.

The speed of recovery is dependent on when the neurological event occurred. If it is years after the event you habituate habits and patterns of movement that usually must be reversed BEFORE you can learn better habits and patterns. Full recovery of physical movement is always possible regardless of how long it has been since the event occurred.

Our approach differs from traditional western medicine in that we address the entire structure to re-establish optimal movement. Other forms of recovery options include constraint therapies, but these are arduous, slow, and optimal movement is seldom achieved. Strengthening and repetitive exercises do little to help improve functionality although they may help you feel better temporarily. Drugs to reduce spasms temporarily relieve them but do not address their cause.


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