Innovation & Entrepreneurship

business-entrepreneur-entrepreneurshipTransitioning from business practices of the past to business practices of tomorrow means becoming flexible and dynamic in your approach. In business as in life, changing habits and patterns can be overwhelming and difficult, but with our approach it is easy and natural, leading to innovation and change.

Using the human body as the metaphor for stiffness and inflexibility versus agility, creativity and flexibility we help you become the change you are looking for in the 21st century.

We start out as children with no sense of limitation but when we grow older the walls close in as we become stiffer and less flexible. The slow insidious decline is gradual and happens over years so we hardly notice it until we finally break down. Most of us accept the narrowing of our corridor, the walls closing in, the ceiling coming down, feeling heavier and more burdened because everyone else is going down the same path, more or less. It is only when we meet someone who seems to defy the ‘norm’ that we might have a glimmer of hope, but usually we perceive them as an aberration rather than an inspiration for us to change.

Our approach helps you to break out of the narrowed vision that limits your creativity, choices and options to one of no limits. The narrow corridor of limited choices is blasted away as you expand how your mind thinks.

Science has unequivocally shown that our brain ONLY exists to produce adaptable and complex movements. It is through movement that we learn how to think critically, analyze, organize and be creative. Studies reveal that as we become more aware of how we move and increase the complexity of our movements we improve concentration, critical thinking and logic. Companies are made up of individuals – if each individual improves awareness and consciousness through movement then collectively your employees will contribute more to your company goals.

We provide many ways to help your company transition from rigidity to become dynamic, cutting edge, agile and powerful through workshops and seminars that are tailored to departments, groups and individuals. Each individual makes up the collective approach so getting everyone on board using the vehicle of the body to effect incredible change will create limitless possibilities for you, your company and the world in which you function.