Personal Sessions
One-on-one personal sessions are a powerful way to jump start your process to moving as you are organized to function. Whether you are in pain, have neurological damage such as a stroke, want to improve a skill such as golf, tennis, running, or skiing, enhance your performance on an instrument, singing, acting, dancing and more, or just want to feel better and enjoy all that you do with greater ease and effort, then a personal session is an excellent option. Sessions are tailored specifically to your needs and desired outcome.
Movement classes are a good way to self discover the habits and patterns of movement that are the source of limitation in any skill. The movement practices are powerful and fundamental to any skill. The instructor assists participants to help them clarify and optimize the movement practices.
Seminars and workshops
Are an excellent way to introduce groups to the principles of learning to move as the structure is organized to function. They can be organized into a series for those groups or businesses that want to explore transformations within the group or organization.