NeuroElements: Yield


Integrate NeuroElements Yield into all you do and vastly improve timing, power, strength, agility and more. Gravity and Newton’s 3rd law of motion included.


The NeuroElements component yield is critical to timing, power, strength, and agility in any function. When you don’t yield you become stiff, inflexible and clumsy because your timing is off in any function. Two items are essential to yield: gravity and Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of motion.

The yield element consists of three videos:

The first video is a primer* on how to feel what you do and respond appropriately to what you feel, the way your brain expects.

The second video is an introduction that helps you feel if you yield or do not yield.

The third video is a series pf practices that you repeat many times to integrate yield into common functionality and improve all that you do.

*If you have already downloaded the primer video you can skip it in your download process.


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