NeuroElements: Rotate


Rotation and counter-rotation leads to greater strength, better balance, more elegant and sophisticated functionality, and enhanced speed and timing.


The human body is a tall, jointed cylinder that evolved to move through space and gravity optimally through rotation and counter-rotation.

The Rotate element consists of three videos:

The first video is a primer* on how to feel what you do and respond appropriately to what you feel, the way your brain expects.

The second video is an introduction to the Rotate element. You find out if you rotate at all from this video.

The third video consists of rotation practices to help you function the way your system evolved.

*If you have already downloaded the primer video you can skip it in your download process.

The Rotate practices are to be repeated many times as you refine how you function in any endeavor. Rotating optimally is critical to any and every activity you do.


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