NeuroElements – Differentiate


Become more flexible, dexterous, have greater range of motion, and refined and sophisticated functionality with differentiation. And never have to stretch again!


Differentiation through joints results in flexibility, dexterity, greater range of motion, and refined and sophisticated functionality. Our structure evolved to function in extraordinary ways, but poor functional habits creates limitations and can lead to injuries. Learn how to optimize how you differentiate with the NeuroElements approach to achieve your full potential in any endeavor. (And never have to stretch again!)

The Differentiate element consists of three videos:

The first video is a primer* on how to feel what you do and respond appropriately to what you feel, the way your brain expects.

The second video is an introduction to the Differentiate element. It helps you determine if you differentiate.

The third video consists of Differentiation practices to help you function the way your system evolved.

*If you have already downloaded the primer video you can skip it in your download process.

The Differentiate practices are to be repeated many times as you refine how you function in any endeavor. Differentiating optimally is critical to any and every activity you do.


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