NeuroElements – Breathe


Breathe as you evolved, exclusively from the diaphragm to reach your full potential in any endeavor


The Breathe elements of the NeuroElements approach consists of three videos:

The first video is a primer* on how to feel what you do and respond appropriately to what you feel, the way your brain expects.

The second video is an introduction to the Breathe element. It helps you determine if you use your diaphragm to breathe.

The third video consists of Breathe practices to help you transition to diaphragm breathing, the way your system evolved to function.

*If you have already downloaded the primer video you can skip it in your download process.

The Breathe practices are to be repeated many times as you refine how you breathe to achieve optimal function in any endeavor. Breathing optimally is critical to any and every activity you do. Breathing well can resolve and relieve high blood pressure, hypertension, acid reflux, headaches and so much more.

Learn how breathing improves your voice quality, affecting resonance, timbre, and projection. Everyone loves listening to a voice that sounds melodic, fluid, rich, and round. Enunciation and quality is also affected by how we form words. Learning to speak in a forward projection brings the voice forward rather than trying to swallow or gargle your words. Speaking forward greatly improves the ability to breathe well too.


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