Biking Tips For All Cyclists (Audio)


Biking technique to improve performance, resolve pain, reduce injury.

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A better way to improve biking technique

Are you sick of sore shoulders, neck, knees, low back after every bike ride or workout?
Are you unable to improve your biking times any more?
Do you feel stiff and sore after you ride?

Change your biking technique and enhance and improve how you ride whether performing, training, or for recreational fun. For just $5 you can recapture the freedom, ease, and joy you felt as a child riding your bike for hours at a time!

Download the audio file to practice while you ride and transform your performance. The audio guides you to ride from the center of your body creating better balance, more power and less wear and tear on your muscles.

Practices on the audio include:

– Hill climbing made easier
– Centered riding for balance
– How to be more powerful through your body
– Ride with gravity not against it

NOTE: Practices are best done on a stationary bike for safety purposes.