Getting Smarter – It’s Not What You Think


Getting Smarter – It’s Not What You Think


Prepare to radically revise your notions of what the body has to do with learning and intelligence. In the last decade neuroscience, in studying how the brain works, has revolutionized ideas about the mind-body connection. It is now recognized that the body, and in particular how we function, is the main source of brain development.

Currently, the biggest challenge for robotics engineers is to create a machine that learns, functions and moves like humans. Their goal is to understand how the brain creates connections within its neural network. The focus has been redirected toward the body and the senses as the source of how information enters the brain. What science is discovering is that the quality of movement determines the quality of learning. Science is making great inroads in its understanding of the brain, but society is getting left behind.

Society functions in the realm of Cartesian philosophy – the body is a machine controlled by the mind. The body is either a tool to get our brain from point A to B, or it is a machine that we “fine tune” for particular performance skills. Society must transform to catch up with the latest science, but how? By revisiting the fundamentals of how every child initially learns to function you can reconnect with the way your brain evolved to function to reach your full potential in any endeavor. This book shows you the tools to reconnect your mind with your body the way you evolved to function. Prepare to transform your life physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually!


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