NeuroElements – Episode 4

In this episode you are introduced to the first essential element of the five that make up the foundation underlying all functionality. How you breathe is arguably the most important element of the five in terms of improving functionality, and of life itself. You must breathe to live! How the diaphragm works is discussed – […]


NeuroElements – Episode 3

How you respond to what you feel is critical to improve function in any endeavor. Your brain gives you messages telling you what is not working, how you respond to those messages is very different than what you have probably been doing. Listen and find out how your brain expects you to respond to what […]


NeuroElements – Episode 2

You cannot change or improve what you do not feel. Learn techniques and methods to bring to your attention how it feels to function in any given moment. Once you feel what you do you are ready to determine how optimal or efficient the function is.


NeuroElements – Episode 1

Welcome to the NeuroElements podcast. Based on the latest science advancing our knowledge of how the brain evolved to function, the podcast shows you practical, concrete ways to transform how you function and realize your full potential in any endeavor.  You are introduced to a new revolutionary approach called NeuroElements which consists of five essential […]

NeuroElements for optimal function

Getting Smarter – It’s not what you think

How We Think The Brain Works We have been taught that what we think is what drives learning and intelligence. The notion of our conscious self as the arbiter of intelligence started in the 17th century when Rene Descartes proposed that the mind controls the ‘machine’ body. As society entered the industrial age of automation, it […]


Ethics In A Technological World

Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are causing concern as developers are seeing biases and poor judgment displayed in job and college entry applications, criminal profiling, and more. Developers are challenged with how to ‘program’ ethics, but humans are challenged with establishing and maintaining ethics individually and as a society. Two […]


When Beliefs Outweigh Facts

Beliefs are a personal opinion or story we make up when facts are unknown or we choose to ignore them. For instance, the belief that the earth is flat was eventually debunked once the facts became overwhelming. The disturbing trend today is why so many continue to have beliefs that ignore facts. For instance, no […]


What Is Cellular Memory And How Does It Affect You?

What Is Cellular Memory and How De We Create It? Science has quite recently proven the existence of cellular memory. Injuries, surgeries, adversity, and stress from living in an industrialized world create cellular memories. They can greatly affect how we function because although time heals the physical injury, movement limitations and emotions associated with the […]

stroke recovery

Stroke Recovery Breakthrough!

Statistics show a dismal 10% full recovery rate after a stroke. Stroke affects millions of people. Science is constantly searching for new ways to get better recovery outcomes. One new promising study shows injecting stem cells into the area of brain damage from a stroke can stimulate better recovery.  The study indicates that the damage to […]


Improve Skills Faster With Science-Based Approach

Have you hit a wall to improving in your chosen skill? I did many years ago with skiing. I gave up in frustration. Today I understand why I could not get better at skiing – it was the way I practiced. I knew the right way intellectually, but I could not get my body to […]

move better after injury

Recover Function Faster And Easier After Injury

Did you recover full range of motion, strength, flexibility, and function back after an injury? Are you completely pain-free? Do you move as well as or better than before your injury? If your answer is NO to any of the above, then read on…. When I injured my shoulder I was told to strengthen the muscles […]

the brain learns from how the body moves

Learn New Skills Effortlessly The Way Your Brain Works

We have approached learning new skills based on a mind-body concept that posits the computer brain controls the machine body.  In the last few years science has revised its notion of the computer brain to now know it is a complex neurological organism that rewires itself as it learns and refines skills. In studying how […]