Why You Should Care About The Way Your Body Moves

The Science

In the last decade science, with the use of MRI technology, has reversed its position that the brain works like a computer to now say it is a complex neurological organism that rewires itself as it learns and refines skills. All information enters the brain from the senses – what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. The senses are activated by movement. And since every sense is activated by movement, it is the source of all learningMany studies show the quality of our movements is what makes us function better in every way. Becoming aware of and improving how you move reconnects the mind with the body to function as a unified whole.

Science has made the leap forward in understanding how the brain works, now society must catch up.

How To Transition To Body-Mind Intelligence

To become connected to your body intelligence you must:

  1. Connect with how it feels to move

  2. Respond to what you feel appropriately

  3. Understand how your structure is organized to move in gravity, according to physics and Newton’s 3rd law of motion

  4. Integrate five essential elements that are the foundation underlying all movement

Restore the Ease of Movement You Had as a Child

As a child you non-consciously felt how to move well.  To recapture what you non-consciously did as a child you must consciously relearn what it feels like to move well. You must consciously increase your awareness through practices that show how to integrate physics, laws of motion, and gravity into every movement. You develop a mind-body connection that becomes a seamless whole with no distinction.

Rediscover how to learn the way your brain evolved to function in my book Getting Smarter – It’s Not What You Think. It’s never too late to realize your full human potential. As science has shown, your brain is ready and poised to transform your life at any age.

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