I am glad you are here because this could be the beginning of an amazing transformation! Let me tell you about why I got into this work and how it can transform your life, as it did mine.

I, like many of you, happily motored through life sometimes having accidents and getting injured, but always recovering, until I didn’t. I discovered how critical it is to move pain-free as a result of an injury that might have left me permanently disabled for the rest of my life. Luckily, I found a method that addressed the injury from the perspective of how I move.

I attended a training to learn how to move better. The training turned on its head all my notions about the brain and how the body and brain function as a unified whole. After the training, I started practicing with others what I learned part-time while continuing a career in IT as a Systems Architect. After 22 years in IT, I decided to leave and become a full-time movement specialist.

The training was an excellent primer in showing how the brain learns through movement, however, the practical application of the work to help me change was lacking. As a movement specialist I needed to understand how the body is optimally evolved to function, how we create habits that limit function, and how to overcome and change habits to increase function such that we move with ease, and effortlessly learn and excel at any skill.

Nothing existed in any lexicon to address how to become aware of how and what to change. It is only in the last 10 years that science, because of MRI technology, now knows all information entering the brain is through the senses, and that movement activates the senses.

Over the years I quantified in a clear, concise way the foundation of how we learn to move.  Five essential elements are integrated into any and all movements to help you recover from injury, overcome physical pain, and improve and enhance any skill. The five elements – Breathing, Yield, Differentiate, Rotation, and Propulsion – make up the foundation that underlies all movement. Through practical, everyday movements you can integrate the five essential elements into all that you do to realize your full potential.

I have helped elite and recreational athletes, musicians, business people, singers, dancers, lecturers, and people with neurological damage from strokes move beyond their limits to function better emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. People suffering from pain and stress have transitioned to get their lives back to a condition of joy, success, and ease.

The approach is particularly useful to help children with neurological damage and special needs to realize their full potential. Leading neuroscientists, medical doctors, and others are beginning to acknowledge the value of this work for children and adults with neurological challenges.

A new book called More Human Than Human is a practical guide to achieving your full potential in any endeavor.

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