Tap into the hidden power of your brain

To function optimally in any endeavor is to capitalize on the hidden power of your brain. With the invention of MRI technology, science now knows the brain is a complex neurological organism that rewires itself as it learns and refines skills. All information enters the brain through the senses, and the senses are activated by movement.

Science knows the real brain power occurs in the two-thirds of your brain that processes the information entering from your senses. The quality of how you function improves the quality of the information entering your brain.

NeuroElements consists of the elements that are essential for optimizing the quality of the information entering your brain. It is a powerful way to transition to function the way you evolved so that you can reach your full potential at any age and in any endeavor.

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Achieving Expertise

peak performance

Becoming an expert at any skill is not about 'trying harder', it's about trying smarter. Any skill, whether it's math, physics, golf, or tennis improves as you refine the techniques. Techniques and approaches to any skill become more complex and sophisticated depending on the quality of the information entering the brain. NeuroElements is focused on helping you improve the quality of the information getting to your brain.

As you gain expertise you will eventually get to the coveted state of being in The Zone. Peak performance is the result of getting in The Zone. The Zone is achieved when all you feel, do, and think is effortless and timeless. Wouldn't it be great to get in The Zone whenever you want without having to stop what you are doing?  Integrating NeuroElements into all you do results in being in The Zone on demand. Now that is a goal worth pursuing!

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Resolve Trauma and Pain

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The brain lets you know you are misusing muscles when you feel pain, discomfort, fatigue, stiff, or sore and it expects you to change whatever is causing your grief. Who hasn't heard the tropes 'no pain, no gain', or 'feel the burn'? No young child or animal learns to function through discomfort or pain, and neither should you.

So, how do you determine what to change to resolve the problem?

Science has shown that the body retains memories of every trauma in your life, and even though you may have physically and mentally 'healed', your brain does not magically go back to the way you were before the trauma. You need a way to become aware of the patterns and habits embedded in how you function that are causing limitations. For instance, maybe you broke your leg or arm, the bones healed but the leg is stiff and you still 'favor' it, or the arm doesn't move with the range of motion or strength you had before the injury.

NeuroElements is a revolutionary approach that helps you identify and resolve the memories associated with trauma through how you function. Backed by science, you resolve limitations functionally so that trauma becomes just a memory with no emotional triggers. NeuroElements shows you how to become empowered to take charge of your own well-being.

Resolve physical and emotional trauma permanently


Business & Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur business

Respond appropriately to messages from your brain to change habits of limit to habits of limitless freedom. When you function well in any skill or activity you become more creative and free to capture that next big idea.

Children Excel

Children excel through movement learning

Studies have shown that we all learn the most effectively through tactile activities. Montessori and the Waldorf teaching systems are a good example of tactile teaching methods.

Science has shown that the quality of how we function directly results in better quality critical thinking skills. Children, like all of us, do experience injuries and trauma which adversely affects how they function. There is no effective method or approach today to address limitations in children or adults due to trauma - until now.

NeuroElements can help every child resolve limitations due to trauma and help them learn more optimally in any endeavor.

NeuroElements is particularly powerful in helping children born with conditions that limit functionality gain greater independence and autonomy through better function.

Implementing NeuroElements in all educational institutions from K-12 on can help every child reach their full potential.

Spiritual Growth

Meditation personal growth

Converging the mind and body to function as a unified whole leads to the meditative state of being. What is the most effective approach?

NeuroElements shows you how to refine and learn any function with the awareness you were born with to enhance the  quality of the information getting to your consciousness. You unify how the mind and body function from the perspective of the mind informed by the quality of the information entering through the senses.

Awareness of the external world informs your consciousness in ways that naturally lead to feeling the consequences and ramifications of your actions and behaviors.  In a refined state of awareness you become more naturally compassionate and empathetic. From sensory awareness is your opportunity to live in this world in harmony with all.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

stroke recovery

Only 10% of people who have suffered a stroke fully recover. There must be a better way to help people recover full functionality after a neurological event such as a stroke or brain injury.

The NeuroElements approach dramatically improves the ability to relearn lost functionality, or to stay functional longer with a condition such as Parkinson's because it reconnects you with the source of how you learn to function in the first place. By integrating the feel and awareness of five critical elements into relearning or refining functionality you are poised to recover more fully.

All the senses are at play in the recovery process. For instance, to reconnect with what it feels like to pick up and hold an apple, smell it, identify it by what it looks like, and taste it is to build a more complete sensory map.  NeuroElements is the approach that shows you how to recapture that which you have lost through every sense.