Integrate five foundational elements into all that you do to optimize the hidden power of your brain

The NeuroElements approach empowers you to overcome limitations due to injury and trauma (physical and emotional), resolve pain, effortlessly learn and refine new or existing skills, and live in ageless harmony. Who hasn’t hit a roadblock trying to become an expert in a new or existing skill? A few manage to overcome their limitations while the vast majority do not. We are born naturally learning how to function using the five elements, but by the time most of us are adults we have disconnected from the elements in varying degrees due to injury, trauma, and approaches that are not congruent with how we evolved to learn. Neuroelements shows you how to consciously re-integrate the five foundational elements into any function or skill so that you can recapture your full potential in any endeavor.

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Peak Performance

peak performance Getting in the zone leads to peak performance. When you function optimally you feel nothing which results in the zone. Learn the tools that lead to optimal function with NeuroElements.

Resolve Pain

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Pain, discomfort, fatigue, soreness is how your brain lets you know you are misusing muscles. Your brain expects you to respond to by changing how you are doing whatever is causing pain. By integrating five essential elements into all that you do will lead to better functionality while resolving pain and discomfort naturally.

Business & Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur business

Respond appropriately to messages from your brain to change habits of limit to habits of limitless freedom. When you function well in any skill or activity you become more creative and free to capture that next big idea.

Children Excel

Children excel through movement learning

Children excel when they improve integration of five essential elements into all they do. Children born with conditions that limit functionality are especially empowered to gain greater independence and autonomy through better function.

Spiritual Growth

Meditation personal growth

NeuroElements leads to a mind body connection that is a seamless, unified whole. Converging the mind and body to function as a unified whole leads to the meditative state of being. Optimal function from a unified mind and body opens the door to enlightenment and inner peace.


stroke recovery

Approaching recovery from stroke, brain injury, neurological conditions, and more from the perspective of reconnecting with five essential elements dramatically increases the ability to relearn lost functionality, or to stay functional longer as a condition such as Parkinson's progresses.