Cure Snoring Without Devices (and resolve sleep apnea)

New Strategy For Snoring And Sleep Apnea

A brand new/old strategy to stop snoring and relieve sleep apnea is based on why we snore in the first place. Let’s be clear on why people snore. For at least 90 – 95% of us the cause of snoring is a blocked airway. There is no chemical change or any other special reason why some people snore and most don’t. The people who don’t snore do not block their airway when sleeping.

I discovered the remedy to snoring the way most solutions are discovered, necessity. I spent two days in the same hotel room as my brother, who snores. I am a VERY light sleeper so the prospect of no sleep for two nights was a bit bleak. Have you ever wondered why some people don’t snore while others do? Maybe your partner snores and you don’t. What is different about the way they sleep that causes them to snore and you not? I thought about that a bit and moved arounfd around in several sleeping positions while noticing what caused my airway to become constricted and what let it be open.

Based on what I felt I moved my brother into a position that allowed the airway to be open. It worked! Then he shifted his position. I readjusted his position. He didn’t snore again! Every time he woke me up snoring I shifted his position. He woke up feeling great! Me, not so much.

The following night we started with the open airway position.  Amazingly, he slept though the night with nary a snuffle or snore. We both felt great the next morning!

I have worked with others since and they all snore less or not at all. Transitioning to be a quiet sleeper also means you must change how you sit, stand, and walk. The constricting airway position that snorers sleep in translates into the same constriction when they sit or stand. To make sure you don’t drift back into a constricted airway and become a snorer yet again check out my book called More Human Than Human. It is a practical guide that shows you how to organize for any movement without a constricted airway.

I have seen clients that suffer from sleep apnea such that they must wear a contraption to keep their head and jaw positioned for an open airway. God knows how they sleep with the thing on! After working with them on how to sit, stand, and walk differently they were able to eventually ease the problem, and in some cases no longer suffer from sleep apnea. The solution to sleep apnea is to change how you position yourself to sleep and to change how you move in general to be congruent with an open airway at all times, much like anyone who does not have sleep apnea.

If your tongue presses into the roof of the mouth and the top of the back of the mouth it will also block your airway. Allow the tongue to relax and drop down to rest on the pallette,  just behind the lower teeth. You may notice that pressing the tongue into the roof of your mouth tightens your jaw and you even clench your teeth. That is a typical habit that should be changed for many reasons. Consciously practice releasing the tongue so it does not press into the roof of the mouth. Eventually it will remain relaxed and dropped.

Watch the video on how to adjust your position to keep the airway open and sleep quietly, giving you AND your partner a better sleep night.

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