Why Do We Allow Beliefs To Outweigh Facts

Beliefs are a personal opinion that cannot change facts. Beliefs are usually the story we make up when facts are unknown. Beliefs such as the earth is flat, or the earth is the center of the solar system were debunked once the facts were known. The disturbing trend today is why so many continue to have beliefs that ignore facts. For instance, no one can deny the fact that the planet is getting warmer every year, and it is caused by increasing CO2 and methane in the atmosphere. The science proves it, but the cynics find it only too easy to dupe large numbers of people, who are only too willing to be duped. We seem to have lost the ability to accept facts as part of our reality. We are increasingly living in a morass of beliefs disconnected from reality, facts. or evidence. Why is this happening?

How we lose connection with what is outside of our mind

The convention that the mind is superior to and separate from the ‘machine’ body is integral to how society functions today. The separation of the mind from the body has created a dangerous precedent because it is the body that lives in the world. When disconnected, the mind is free to make up any story it likes to justify behavior and actions.  The disconnect between the mind and body explains how we can deny and ignore facts and reality.

The science supporting the new mind-body understanding

Science used to think the mind is like a computer that controls the function of the body. In the last decade, using MRI technology, science now knows all new information enters the brain from the senses: what you touch, hear, see, smell, taste, and what touches you. Every sense is activated by movement. But it isn’t any movement that matters because other studies show the quality of our movements is what makes us smarter.  The source of how we learn is how we move. Becoming aware of and improving movements reconnects the mind with the body to function as a unified whole.

Reconnect your mind to your body and easily distinguish beliefs from facts

When your mind and body are congruent you feel the consequences of your behaviors and actions. Your mind, connected to the here and now through your body, functions in full awareness of that which is outside of you, and you are less inclined to deny reality.

Becoming aware of the quality of your movements and learning how to optimize functionality is the way to reconnect your mind and body to be a unified, synchronous whole. A book called More Human Than Human is a practical guide that shows you how to reconnect your mind and body into a seamless, unified whole.

Learning through how you move enhances and restores compassion, empathy, and the moral compass you were born with so that reality, facts, and evidence once again take precedence over beliefs.

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