The Foundation Underlying All Functionality

Babies are naturally born with the ability to learn using the foundation elements underlying all function enabling them to learn complex skills such as rolling over, crawl, walk, run and more. It is critical to understand the foundations of how we evolved to move so that we better recover from injury, avoid pain, and function optimally throughout our lives. As babies we naturally learn how to move well non-consciously. When we lose movement functionality we actually have no idea how to relearn it the way our brain works. This is the dilemma for anyone who has had injuries, a stroke, neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and more. Older golfers often lament how they used to get really good scores. Since all their friends experience the same decline in skill they put it down to getting old and stiff.

Getting older and staying fully functional or not?

When you think about it, why do we get stiff as we age? Our skeleton doesn’t change, the number of muscles don’t change, so what does change? We now know the brain constantly rewires itself as we learn and refine skills. But the brain can also wire in poor habits and patterns of movement resulting from injury, trauma, and lack of awareness. For instance, after a whiplash car accident a client had little range of motion in her neck, her back was often sore, and one shoulder was more forward than the other. She learned to adjust, but over time her pain got worse. She tried many modalities such as yoga, massage, pain medications, and more to resolve the pain. What finally worked was learning how she moved caused her pain. The cumulative effects of her accident were reversed as she learned to re-wire her brain to movement habits and patterns that work better. Today she is more flexible, agile, stronger, and pain free.

The Foundation that underlies all movement

Fivebalfiveprin elements are the foundation of all movement. A new book called More Human Than Human is a practical that shows you how to integrate the elements into all your movements. They are not a replacement for any particular activity, instead they are integrated into any skill to enhance and improve performance. Babies naturally learn to move using the five elements, but every individual I see no longer is aware nor uses them in their movements. For instance, no individual I see knows how to walk rotating from their center. Rotation is essential to balanced movement in all activities since the body is a tall, round, flexible cylinder.
Integrate the five elements into all your movements and you will reach your full potential in any endeavor. Whether you are an elite athlete or performer trying to get that extra competitive edge, or a recreational athlete, the book will help you overcome limitations. Through the quality of how we move is how well we function physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.
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