I am glad you are here because this could be the beginning of an amazing transformation! Let me tell you about why I got into this work and how it can transform your life, as it did mine.

I, like many of you, happily motored through life sometimes having accidents and getting injured, but always recovering, until I didn’t. I discovered how critical it is to move pain-free as a result of an injury that might have left me permanently disabled for the rest of my life. Luckily, I found a method that addressed the injury from the perspective of function.

The movement method was devised by a brilliant physicist called Moshe Feldenkrais, who became interested in kinesiology after he blew out his knee playing soccer and was told he would never walk again. As he learned to walk, in spite of the grim prognosis, he became convinced that how we move is the underlying source of our intelligence, but there was no way to scientifically ‘prove’ the theory at the time. He came to the US in the early 1970’s to train others in his method. He completed only one training and was partially through a second when he died in 1983, and some of his students took over teaching what he had originated. He had expressed frustration that people were struggling to ‘get’ his work and wondered how he could improve it, but time was not on his side.

In 1994 I graduated a training based on his method and in a part-time practice found that many students were similarly frustrated with ‘getting it’. Over several years I began to evolve an approach that was easy to understand and more effective. It addressed the foundational elements underlying all function.

In 2003 I stopped consulting in IT to explore full time a better understanding of the foundation that is essential to all learning. Although we are all born naturally using the fundamental elements to learn new function, every adult, and children with mild to severe developmental issues, are missing some or all of the elements. Today, children are losing the ability to learn using the foundational elements ever more early. Why, and what are the foundational elements?

The foundation of function consists of 5 essential elements: Breathing, yield, differentiation, rotation, and propulsion. If the elements are missing or diminished when learning or refining skills we are unlikely to reach our full potential in any endeavor, physical or intellectual.

Every baby is born with the inherent awareness and the ability to learn using the 5 elements. What causes us to ‘lose’ these critical components of our learning ability as we get older? A number of factors are responsible: injury, neurological conditions and events, trauma, and more. The loss of the five elements has worsened since the 1950’s. Back then the musculature was still developed around the skeleton (or structure) showing symmetry, shapeliness, and evenness in muscle development that clearly does not hamper or limit movement. To see what I mean click here.

Ever wonder why most people become great at skills if they start early? Now you know, it’s before they lose one or more of the five elements in their learning process. There are exceptions, but that is what they are, not the rule.

About a decade ago a new technology revolutionized the study of the brain. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could show exactly what is activated in the brain when we perform a function. Science radically revised its notion of the computer brain to now know it is a complex neurological organism that rewires itself as it learns and refines skills.

Transitioning how you learn new skills to be congruent with the science is what I help you do with practical, effective ways to integrate the 5 elements back into your learning process. The danger we have of NOT making the transition is existential because it is through our senses and the vehicle (the body) that lives in the world that lets us feel the consequences of our actions and behaviors. Fundamentally, by making the body subordinate to what we think means our brain has no direct connection with what we feel in the present moment. Nor do we have awareness of how it feels to exist in this world because the only way we can feel is through our senses. Disconnected from what we feel, our mind functions without a moral compass, making it easy to justify any action, decision, or behavior regardless of its ramifications or consequences.

Every child is born with a natural sense of compassion, empathy, and cooperation with others. Our best chance to become the humans we are born to be is through restoring function the way our brain evolved.

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