I am glad you are here because this could be the beginning of your transformation to reach your full potential in any endeavor.

I know, I know you have tried a multitude of things that promise amazing benefits, but hear me out on this one and you will not regret it.

First, you were born with the natural ability to reach your full potential in any endeavor. A few people do reach their full potential in a particular skill, but they started very early in life. What happens to leave the rest of us behind?  Injuries, trauma, and how society and institutions approach learning are the culprits.

You learned all functionality non-consciously as a baby and young child. How we go about recovering from traumatic events is where the problem lies. Since we learn to function non-consciously, we actually don’t know how to re-learn or re-capture lost functionality. Current approaches to recovery  is opposite to how the brain works. We need an approach that is congruent with how the brain works, and today we have it.

It’s called NeuroElements  and it consists of five foundational elements underlying all functionality.

The approach uses any movement sequence as a vehicle to help you feel how to breathe, yield, differentiate, rotate, and propel the way you evolved to optimally function.  You are shown how to reconnect with what you feel and appropriately respond to the messages your brain gives you so that you transition to better function in all that you do.

Science has come a long way in its understanding of how the brain works. About a decade ago MRI technology revolutionized the study of the brain. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could show exactly what is activated in the brain when we perform a function. It was observed that all information entering the brain to perform a function is triggered by the senses, and every sense is activated by movement. Science revised the computer brain to now say the brain is a complex neurological organism that rewires itself as it learns and refines skills.

Science knows how the brain works now but society and its institutions will be very difficult to change. Not least that the profit makers of today are heavily invested in the status quo. For example, pharmaceutical companies and the entire medical industry depends on treating symptoms, not resolving them, particularly in the realm of pain. Chronic pain is a $560 to $635 billion dollar industry. Why would the health care system support an approach that can effectively put it out of a big chunk of business?

About Me

I am Jackie Mason.

I discovered the elements underlying how we function by observing and working with young children and, more importantly, animals. You see, animals don’t recover full functionality after injuries or trauma either. In trying to help them function as well as or better after injuries is how I learned what is fundamental to any function. I applied what I learned with animals to babies and children with injuries and neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, SMA and so on. And I have spent 20+ years working with adults to help them overcome and eliminate chronic pain, recover from injury and trauma, and empower them to live a life aging gracefully, elegantly, without loss of function.

How I got into this work

The catalyst leading into what I do now is when I woke up one morning in pain. I had a demanding career in IT as a systems architect consultant for fortune 100 financial companies. I could not be distracted by pain. The doctor I saw had limited tools to address the pain, all of which were ineffective. The alternative approaches I tried were equally as ineffective at relieving the pain, which was 24/7.  I finally came across the Feldenkrais Method which helped to relieve and resolve the pain.

I completed a 4-year training in the Feldenkrais Method and started a part-time practice. I eventually left IT to pursue the movement practice full-time. The Feldenkrais approach addresses how we move. I tried teaching people how the skeleton is designed to move optimally but it was no different than teaching skills using mechanics and technique. It is the wrong approach because our consciousness simply cannot process the complexity of how to perform a movement optimally. I realized there was something underlying how we move that is way more important. That is when I began to identify the five elements that eventually became the NeuroElements approach. I don’t teach people how to move any more, I show them how to feel how to breathe, yield, differentiate, rotate, and use propulsion within movement, and they naturally transition to  functioning optimally on their own.

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