Improve your Focus. Improve your Life.

Check out my free guide The Focus Zone in 5 Steps to improve your focus in all that you do. Benefits include:

  • Ageless vitality
  • Less Stress
  • Resolve pain
  • Gain thinking clarity
  • Improve interpersonal connections

Why you should care about how you move

Science knows the brain is a complex neurological organism that rewires itself as it learns and refines skills. All information that enters the brain is from your senses. Every sense is activated by a movement. The source of how you learn ANY skill or activity is through HOW YOU MOVE.
The foundation of all movement is sourced from five essential functions based on physics, gravity, and the design of the human skeleton. As babies we naturally learn how to move using the five essentials. We unlearn them by the time we are adults because of our current cultural and societal beliefs that the body is simply a machine controlled by the mind.  Integrate the five essentials into every movement you do and recapture your full potential physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

Peak Performance

peak performance

Your brain power plus five foundational functions that underly all movement will get you in the zone so that you can perform to your full potential.

Resolve Pain

cat agilty1

Empower yourself to resolve pain and heal yourself working WITH your brain. Five essential functions integrated into movement heals pain.

Business & Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur business

Work with your brain to change habits of limit to habits of limitless freedom. Flexibility in your body equals a flexible mind ready for that next big idea.

Children Excel

Children excel through movement learning

Children can realize their full potential by showing them how to move optimally, the way they were born to learn.

Spiritual Growth

Meditation personal growth

Empower better control  of your life by resolving what triggers emotional reactions in your body. Become meditative throughout your day.


stroke recovery

Effective, powerful approach that uses the power of your brain to rehabilitate from stroke, brain injury, and other kinds of trauma.